It’s not difficult or even painful, So why is it so hard?

Every morning, I get up and the first this I do is test my blood sugar. Before Coffee, before conversation, before looking at my phone.

20160324_083357.jpgThen I do it again before lunch.

And again before supper.

I often stand for several seconds or even minutes trying to make myself push the button that will prick my finger. That will create enough blood to spill that I can test.

It doesn’t really hurt. Sure, there is that momentary prick. The second of ouch….but it doesn’t last. Yet, the more i do this the harder it becomes.

I used to think, what’s the big deal about testing blood sugars. I’ve even though what’s the big deal about having to take insulin. It’s just a small needle.

However, I am realizing there is a psychological difficulty to making yourself into a pin cushion on a daily basis.

The struggle is real.


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