Eating Clean on Holidays and Special Events

Today is Easter. Yesterday was Jenn’s Birthday. True confession, I ate HORRIBLE for 2 days straight.

As I started into this weekend, I really didn’t give much thought to food. It was a weekend full of festivities and well, I was looking forward to all the fun.

Saturday started good….Jenn “Let’s go for a bike ride” Me “sounds fun, gets us moving – I’m all in”. So, we scrambled up some eggs, loaded the bike and off we went for our birthday adventure. We planned to go to Southport via the ferry and our bikes, have lunch and return. We missed the 9:30 ferry….not a problem, we’ll hit the 10:45 one. As we rode we discussed the fact that we had company coming that night to our house for festivities. We discussed all we needed to do. The plan changed, let take the truck across to Southport, then offload the bikes to just tool around town a bit then have lunch and come home (we’d lost too much time by missing the first ferry).

But the Ferry was full

TiramisuPlan change number three! Let’s just ride around Carolina Beach. So, we off loaded at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. And rode around for an hour or so. The loaded back up and headed off for lunch. We went to the Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar. Because it was a celebration we started with shrimp hushpuppies – they were delish – but bready! Then I decided to splurge and drink ‘real soda’ it was sooooooo good! But VERY sugary!

The friends brought Tiramisu for dessert Saturday night! It was amazing!!

Why are all the Delicious stuff SO full of SUGAR?

Easter morning brought biscuits and gravy for breakfast – my favorite. The lunch with carbs galore! And the meal ended with a table FULL of enticing desserts. And yes, I tried more than one.

I’m learning that with no plan, I can justify all the sugar I want.

Holidays and special occasions need me to be EXTRA vigilant. To plan more, not less! To know my limits and to stick to what I know I should do. Mostly, I need to not become caught up in the celebration and forget that, life now is different.


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